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Emirati women satisfied with life in UAE, survey finds

Safety, education and career prospects rank high on the list of things that make Emirati women in the UAE happy, a survey has found.

ABU DHABI // Emirati women are very happy with their quality of life and feel safe in the UAE, a survey has found.

Of 2,500 women surveyed across all seven emirates by the market research organisation TNS Mena, 91 per cent said they were happy with their overall quality of life.

Almost all (97 per cent) were comfortable with the high level of personal safety.

Steve Hamilton-Clark, chief executive of TNS, said the results were "comforting" as, in this age, safety was a concern for women in many parts of the world.

"The country is known for its safety," said Fatima Mohamed, a mother of two in Dubai. "That is why so many people like coming here, because it is very safe."

The survey found that most women were active in giving back to the community. Almost three in four had taken part in activities such as blood donations, aid donations and spending time with the needy in the past three months.

Maitha Al Habsi, director of the volunteering agency Takatof, has previously said that the number of UAE nationals taking part in volunteering in humanitarian activities was constantly increasing.

"A lot more people here are getting into volunteering, helping how they can," she said.

Education levels were also found to be on the increase, as more than half (57 per cent) of women between the ages of 25 and 34 held a diploma or degree. Of those more than 50 years old, only one in five had equivalent qualifications.

S Sulaiman, a 26-year-old from Al Ain, said this was because there were now more opportunities for education.

"Now every girl now goes into education, they all go to university," she said.

Of the 55 per cent of women who worked, four in five were happy with their career trajectory.


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