Abu Dhabi, UAEThursday 22 August 2019

Emirati man kidnapped, stabbed and beaten for befriending teen

Victim was photographed, sexually assaulted and injected with unknown substance during ordeal

A woman and five members of her family have been charged with attempting to murder an Emirati man after he befriended a female relation on Instagram.

Dubai Criminal Court heard how the girl’s mother, two brothers and three cousins kidnapped the victim and brutally beat him over several hours.

Prosecutors revealed the man was also stabbed, forced to strip naked and injected with an unknown substance which made him lose consciousness.

The family then threatened to cut his throat before abandoning him at a medical clinic where staff called police.

“They kicked and beat me all over my body,” the Emirati victim told the court. “I heard one saying he had stabbed me in the back but I didn’t feel it at the time.”

The attack happened after the man befriended the 18-year-old girl on social media last September.

The pair became friends and later agreed to meet near where the teenager claimed was her friend’s house in Nad Al Hamar, Dubai.

On meeting, the girl claimed her family was abusing her, alarming the Emirati man who suggested she contact police.

“We met at her request and she told me she was being abused by her family,” he told officers. “I freaked out and told her she must report it.

“I dropped her off at Bur Dubai police station and then left because I felt frightened.”

Days later, the man started receiving threatening calls from one of the girl’s brothers.

He was then told the girl had gone missing and that the family wanted his help tracking her down.

When he agreed to meet, he was abducted and taken to the girl’s home.

“An SUV stopped in front of my taxi [and] four men stepped out and dragged me out,” he told the court.

Once inside the house, the victim was stabbed, stripped naked and photographed.

His captors threatened to post the images online if he ever spoke to police. The girl’s mother said she would order her sons to kill him.

After beating him for several hours, the man was thrown inside a vehicle and driven to a clinic.

Staff there realised the extent of his injuries and rushed him to Rashid Hospital for treatment. Police were also called.

“He told us he heard [one of] the men calling another Conan, so we investigated the name and tracked [the family] down,” a police captain told the hearing.

Officers later arrested the mother, 54, her two sons, aged 19 and 27, and their three male cousins.

All the men were charged with attempted murder, kidnap, sexual assault and issuing death threats. The mother has yet to be charged.

The hearing was adjourned until May 14.

Updated: April 29, 2019 12:31 PM