x Abu Dhabi, UAETuesday 23 January 2018

Emirati denies killing officer in car chase

Police suspected Ajman resident of using drugs and driving under the influence.

DUBAI // A 50-year-old Emirati yesterday has denied killing a police officer and seriously injuring another in a drug-fuelled car chase.

In the Dubai Criminal Court of First Instance yesterday, S?M said he had not swerved into a police car.

“This did not happen, your honour,” he asserted.

On December 27, police had set up a roadblock to arrest S?M as he drove from Abu Dhabi to his home in Ajman after a tip-off about his alleged drug use, prosecutors said. Five police cars, two of them unmarked, were used to close off Emirates Road near Al Muhaisenah bridge. When SM arrived at the roadblock between 9pm and 11pm, police stopped his white Toyota Camry.

An officer, S?J, stood in front of the car as his colleague walked towards S?M and tried to open the driver’s door, records show.

S?M locked his doors and drove over S?J before speeding away, according to prosecutors.

S?J, 23, then gave chase at speeds of more than 140 kph in a police Hyundai, along with A?E, who was driving, and another officer, A?S.

According to S?J’s testimony, they drove on the right side of S?M’s car while two other police cars boxed him in from the left and rear.

Near Al Qusais Cemetery, S?M tried to lose the police cars but instead swerved, despite having a clear lane, into the Hyundai, causing A?E to lose control, records show. He drove into sand and hit a fence with a rock behind it.

The car flew into the air, hit the ground and rolled three times. A?S was jammed inside it, injured, while A?E lay 45 metres away, bleeding from the mouth and eyes. He died at the scene.

S?J was knocked out, and after treatment at Rashid Hospital was left with permanent disabilities. A?S’s left leg was injured when he was hit by the Toyota, and he spent 20 days in hospital.

S?M was arrested at his home by A?H, an anti-narcotics officer. No drugs were found there. A?H said S?M had admitted using drugs at the Abu Dhabi home of Y?M, another Emirati. Y?M was arrested, and drugs were found at his home, records show.

S?M, who is unemployed, admitted taking amphetamines and methamphetamines, and driving while under the influence of drugs.

The next hearing will be on August 10.