x Abu Dhabi, UAEThursday 18 January 2018

Emirates Transport workers embezzled Dh16m, hears Dubai court

Ten employees at Emirates Transport are accused of embezzling more than Dh28 million.

DUBAI // Ten employees at Emirates Transport embezzled more than Dh16 million by selling the company’s tyres, a court heard yesterday.

Prosecutors told the Criminal Court that one of the 10 – T M, 36, from India – who worked as a programmer, forged reports suggesting that the company had stored purchased tyres at its warehouses, while in fact his fellow workers would take the tyres and sell them for profit.

The 10 employees were said to have been operating the scam since 2008. They were arrested in 2012 after another programmer became suspicious and investigated T M.

He informed his superiors of his suspicions and they put him under close supervision. During this period they witnessed him entering false reports relating to purchased tyres.

Five Indians, four Pakistanis and one man from Sudan, aged between 30 and 63, were charged with embezzlement and criminal complicity. Only T M faced a charge of forgery.

In court, nine defendants denied all charges while T M confessed to forgery but denied embezzlement.

“I forged for the benefit of the defendant M A, who gave me Dh100,000 in return ... but I did not embezzle any money from the company itself,” he claimed.

The next hearing was scheduled for October 30.