x Abu Dhabi, UAEWednesday 17 January 2018

Emirates ID system aids growth in digital economy

ID management programmes, such as Emirates ID, are important to the eonomic development of nations in the GCC, research shows

ABU DHABI // Digital ID management systems such as Emirates ID have become a pillar for economic development in the GCC, according to new research published internationally.

Commissioned by the Emirates Identity Authority, the study has been published in an international Australian journal, Innovation: Management, Policy and Practice.

The research said that smart ID projects in GCC countries played a vital role in building trust in electronic transactions, allowing a growth in the digital economy.

The research, titled Digital ID and Economic Transformation in the Gulf, said that GCC countries had started developing infrastructures based on the digital ID projects.

The aim is to create electronic government programmes able to provide identification services around the clock.

Emirates ID said that many of the digital ID systems found worldwide were still not strong enough to fully make use of the internet.

This was mainly because of their failure to establish and manage digital identification for customers that could still be controlled by service providers.

The research pointed out that other systems were not able to organise information correctly and faced problems securing personal data.

That was considered the main factor hindering efforts to offer services over the internet.

Emirates ID said digital biometrics and e-signature technology had become vital to the future of e-commerce, and that the number of internet users in the GCC was high thanks to the infrastructure in the region that helps bridge the digital gap.


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