x Abu Dhabi, UAEFriday 19 January 2018

Emirates flies south again as ash rises

As a cloud of volcanic ash drifted higher into the atmosphere, Emirates and other airlines resumed normal flights to Australia and New Zealand.

DUBAI // Emirates airline yesterday said its service between Australia and New Zealand was back to normal after it had scrapped two flights this week because of a volcanic ash cloud.

Other airlines that had cancelled flights to the two countries were also getting back to normal.

The cloud, from a volcano in Chile, drifted higher into the atmosphere yesterday, allowing most carriers to resume flights.

"Emirates will continue to monitor the ash cloud caused by Mount Cordon Caulle in Chile closely and is currently liaising with the relevant authorities regarding its movement," the airline, based in Dubai, wrote on its website.

Etihad Airways said its flights had not been affected by the ash cloud and were running according to schedule to destinations in Australia.

The Australian national carrier Qantas also resumed flights in and out of Melbourne yesterday but was still not flying to New Zealand after cancelling 56 flights on Sunday.

For information on flight times visit emirates.com or etihad.com.