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Egypt's new cabinet members

Egypt's new president Mohammed Morsi has announced his new cabinet.

Minister of Culture: Saber Arab The former chair of the National Library and Archives of Egypt.

Minister of Defence: Hussein Tantawi The head of the influential Supreme Council of Armed Forces.

Minister of Finance: Momtaz El Saeed Retains the seat he had in the outgoing Scaf-appointed government.

Minister of Foreign Affairs: Mohammed Kamel Amr Another one who retains his seat.

Minister of Health: Mohamed Hamed Mostafa Professor of medicine at Cairo University

Minister Higher Education: Mostafa Mosaad Devised the educational policy for Morsi's presidential campaign.

Minister of Information: Salah Abdel MaqsoodA journalist and a leading member of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Minister of Interior: General Ahmed Gamal El-Din The former assistant of the interior minister.

Minister of Parliamentary Affairs: Mohamed Mahsoub A board member of the centrist Al Wasat Party.

Minister of Tourism: Hisham Zaezou A former minister of tourism and Mr Zaezou was also the former head of Egypt's Tourism Federation.

Minister of Youth: Osama Yassin Member of the Freedom and Justice Party's executive.