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Egypt political timeline

Events since protests against Hosni Mubarak began.


January 25 - Anti-government protests begin across Egypt following the January 14 overthrow of Tunisia's president.

January 28 - Mubarak orders troops and tanks into cities to quell demonstrations.

January 31 - New government is sworn in with former air force commander Ahmed Shafiq as prime minister.

February 4 - Thousands gather in Cairo's Tahrir Square in a "Day of Departure" to press Mubarak to go.

February 10 - Mubarak transfers powers to Vice President Omar Suleiman.

February 11 - Mubarak steps down and a military council led by Field Marshal Hussein Tantawi takes over.

March 19 - Egyptians approve amendments to the constitution that pave way for parliamentary and presidential elections.

April 8 - Thousands protest in Tahrir Square against delays in putting Mubarak on trial.

August 3 - Mubarak trial opens.

October 9-10 - Coptic Christians turn their fury on the army after at least 25 Christians are killed when troops break up a protest.

November 22 - Tantawi promises that a civilian president will be elected in June 2012, six months sooner than planned.

November 25 - Thousands demanding an end to military rule pack Tahrir Square in the biggest turnout of a week of protests in which 42 people were killed.

November 28 - First voting in parliamentary election.



January 3-4 - Final round of legislative election. Muslim Brotherhood's Freedom and Justice Party take more than two fifths of the seats, followed by an ultra-orthodox Salafi Islamist party with more than a fifth.

January 16 - Egypt says it has asked the IMF for US$3.2 billion to help fill a budget gap widened by almost a year of turmoil.

January 23 - New parliament holds its first session.

April 17 - Ten candidates disqualified from the presidential race.

May 23 and 24 - First round of presidential election.

May 28 - Mohammed Morsi, the Muslim Brotherhood candidate, and Ahmed Shafiq declared the run-off candidates.

June 2 - Mubarak is sentenced to life in prison for his role in the killing of protesters.

June 13 - Egypt issues a decree allowing military police to detain civilians, a move critics say is a barely disguised bid to reinstate decades-old emergency law that expired on May 31.

June 14 - Supreme court rules to dissolve parliament, just two days before the run-off presidential election. Court also dismissed move to bar Shafiq from contesting election.

June 16-17 - Second round of voting for president.

June 24 - Morsi declared winner of presidential run-off.