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Sheikha Al Nuaimi: the school worker praised by Sheikh Mohammed for her beautiful spirit

The Vice President and Ruler of Dubai shared a video of Ms Al Nuaimi asking the public to help him find her

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid shared a video on Twitter celebrating the work of one of the nation's healthcare heroes. Courtesy: Wam
Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid shared a video on Twitter celebrating the work of one of the nation's healthcare heroes. Courtesy: Wam

Making school a second home for pupils is what gets Sheikha Al Nuaimi out of bed every morning — and by the looks of the video shared by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid this week, she has succeeded.

Ms Al Nuaimi became a social media sensation on Wednesday after the Vice President and Ruler of Dubai shared heartwarming footage of her greeting smiling children to school with a kiss and a hug.

He called on his 10 million Twitter followers to help him find the woman with a "beautiful spirit" after posting a video of her welcoming the pupils to Al Aailya School in Al Ain.

“They are our children so they should be greeted every day with a happy face that will make them feel at home,” said Ms Al Nuaimi.

The Emirati has been a social worker at the school for almost 19 years. She teaches young pupils good manners, Emirati etiquette, how to be good citizens and to serve their country.

On Wednesday, Sheikh Mohammed heaped praise on her for bringing a "positive energy" to the start of the school day.

“Sheikh Mohammed made me feel very proud after sharing my video,” said Ms Al Nuaimi.

“It is a great honour to me to be recognised by him,” she said.

“Our rulers taught us the meaning of happiness, loyalty and giving and our duty is to spread it around and pass it over to the future generations.”

Ms Al Nuaimi said she treats her pupils as if they are her own children, which is why they all affectionately call her “Mama Sheikha”.

“I’m not married and they are my children who I care about and calling me Mama Sheikha is something that makes them feel safe and in good hands,” she said.

“My job is to try to solve the children’s problems, guide them and teach them everything about good manners and behaviours, our traditions and culture, positivity and how to be good citizens.”

Though she teaches pupils between kindergarten and year four, her job does not stop once they leave her classroom.

“I have a very good relation with my previous pupils, they still call to take advice and I’m always there for them,” said Ms Al Nuaimi.

She said her pupils come to school knowing that they will be treated with love.

“We show them love and we show them that we care about them and their needs so they don’t skip school and attend with love,” said Ms Al Nuaimi.

“I was raised by loving parents who taught us how to care and be there to one another,” she said. “And Prophet Mohammed is our role model for good deeds and manners.

“I believe that a kind word and a smile can change the world and that’s why I never leave home without them and never welcome my children without them.”

Updated: January 31, 2020 04:14 PM

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