x Abu Dhabi, UAEFriday 19 January 2018

Sharjah schools to take part in live fire-fighting simulations

Pupils will take part in simulations as part of a safety campaign being run in Sharjah schools by the Civil Defence and the Educational Zone.

Pupils will take part in firefighting simulations in a safety campaign run by the Sharjah Civil Defence and educational zone.

The campaign, to run throughout the academic year and include pupils in all stages of education, will also feature lectures by specialists aimed at promoting knowledge of safety among pupils and staff.

School cafeterias and laboratories will be inspected to ensure they meet safety standards.

Col Mohammed Hassan bu Taweel, the acting director general of the Sharjah Civil Defence, said part of the initiative would focus on fire prevention.

Col bu Taweel said Civil Defence officers had met Saeed Al Kaabi, the head of Sharjah Educational Zone, to discuss issues such as installing fire extinguishers and regularly inspecting them, and unnecessary stocks of wood and cardboard at schools.

He said the campaign would also stress the need to know where emergency exits were, and highlight the danger posed by exposed electrical wiring.