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School closed for unsatisfactory performance works to move students

Managers at the closed Al Majd Indian School are helping their former students find placement in other schools.

DUBAI // After deciding to close Al Majd Indian School following unsatisfactory performance reports, managers have been working to place students in other schools.

The principal, Rafiq Rahim, said the managers had been liaising with more than five other schools to accommodate the students.

"We have tried to transfer all the students smoothly to other schools," Mr Rahim said. "Most of the schools are in the vicinity. Some students have moved to UK curriculum schools and around 60 have left the country."

The New Indian Model School in Dubai will take in 100 students, said the principal, Mohammed Aslam Khan.

"We have been co-operating with Al Majd and agreed to give priority to their students," he said. "Students who want to join in the higher grades will still have to give an entrance exam for an admission."

Mr Aslam said there were space constraints in the girls' batch, but admissions were open for boys. "We will keep the admission open till September," he said.

Al Majd Indian School's decision to close this year came as a blow to many parents who said they could not pay for costly education.

In February, the school, which follows the Kerala Board of Education curriculum, announced its closure, affecting 1,000 students from kindergarten to Grade 10.

The school had failed to meet standards laid down by the Knowledge and Human Development Authority, and was deemed unsatisfactory two years in a row.

Some parents disagreed with that assessment.

"The school was not unsatisfactory," said Farhad Lalbaksh, a parent of two children in Grade 7. "The school was really good for poor parents like us."

A new school will be opened under different management next year.