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Pupils hurt in bus crash return to class amid praise for school

All seven children injured in a school bus crash on Monday are now back in class.

ABU DHABI // All seven children injured in a school-bus accident in which a driver was killed on Monday returned to class today.

The bus, belonging to Model School in Mussaffah, was carrying 45 pupils from the Tourist Club on Monday morning when it collided with another bus, owned by Al Ghazal Transport.

The driver of the Al Ghazal bus died and several children had minor injuries.

The Abu Dhabi Education Authority (Adec) and parents of injured pupils have commended the school management's swift action in ensuring the safety of the children.

"We immediately rushed to the spot when we found out about the accident," said Dr Abdul Kader, the principal.

"The six children were immediately transferred to the hospital as they had back and neck sprains. One child had to get stitches."

Dr Abdul Kader said the other children were sent back to continue with classes.

"We stayed in the hospital until all the children were discharged," he said.

Brian Fox, the division manager for private school licensing and accreditation at Adec, said the school was quick to call an ambulance and parents.

"All the students were given the required medical assistance, collected by their parents and arrived safely to their homes," Mr Fox said.

Salim Illias, the father of a Grade 10 pupil who was in the bus, said he was grateful for the prompt response.

"They took care and ensured the children went back to school in another bus immediately, and gave them time to recover in the clinic," Mr Illias said.

But he said even minor injuries could have been avoided if the children had been wearing seat belts.

"While you cannot predict such things, they will happen and the effect can be reduced," Mr Illias said.

Sumesh Suresh, 16, who hurt his back in the collision, said there was a lot of panic among the younger children when the accident happened.

"One boy fell down and was bruised," Sumesh said. "But the police came soon and the principal and headmaster were also there to take care of things."

He said he missed some classes that day while recovering in the clinic.



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