x Abu Dhabi, UAEFriday 19 January 2018

Police to install CCTV links for schools

Government schools in Sharjah will be linked directly to the police operations room in a move to curb theft and the illegal use of corporal punishment, officials say.

SHARJAH // Government schools in the emirate will be linked via CCTV to the police operations room as part of a drive against theft and the illegal use of corporal punishment.

Work on the project has started and will finish in the next five months, said Susan Eissa Obaid, the director of the legal affairs department at Sharjah Education Zone. The move follows similar link-ups of all jewellery shops and shopping malls to the operations room.

"A number of schools had recently been exposed to thefts," she said. "The zone reported 11 cases of thefts in schools and school property worth thousands of dirhams last academic year."

She said the department also hoped to curb corporal punishment, as officials were still receiving reports of such abuse occurring in some schools despite the practice being banned by the Government.

She said the Ministry of Education was strict on the issue, and teachers found guilty could be dismissed.