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Business keen to back better standards

Pakistani entrepreneurs want to be sure donations are being well spent.

DUBAI // Pakistani businessmen say they would financially support ailing schools if the schools would commit to improving their quality of education.

Mobisher Rabbani, a Dubai-based Pakistani businessman and philanthropist, said schools needed to become more professional in their approach to garner funds.

"The first thing they must do is set out a proper business proposal telling the donor what the money will be used for," he said.

According to Mr Rabbani, the Pakistani school owners are not professional enough in their approach.

"They just ask for money and do not really explain what and how it will be used," he said.

"Donors want to be sure the money they give will be spent in the right way, and benefit those who need it most."

Syed Faraz Ahmed, another businessman who runs a financial services company in Dubai, said the community was "always willing to help but hadn't been approached by any operator".

He agreed that there needed to be an open and transparent process where donors could see where their money was being spent.

Many philanthropists support individual pupils.

Rizwan Fancy, the community welfare officer at the Pakistan Association of Dubai, said the philanthropy supports low-income families. "We help pay the tuition for pupils in these schools," he said.

He said the association would consider any request for funding made by Pakistani schools in Dubai.

Mr Rabbani said any help to the school was in the best interest of society.

"These schools provide a crucial service for people who have low incomes," he said.

"They are the only option for many people who can't afford other schools, and without them many would be without an education."