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Abu Dhabi teachers get updated on curriculum

More than 6,000 Abu Dhabi teachers are to receive training next week.

More than 6,000 teachers in Abu Dhabi are to receive training next week to bring them up to speed on changes to the curriculum.

As part of the largest training programme undertaken by Abu Dhabi Education Council (Adec), 6,202 teachers and faculty heads from kindergarten to Grade 6 classes in Government schools will be taught how to implement the council's New School Model (NSM) before students return on September 8.

The model has already been implemented to Grade 5, but will apply to Grade 6 for the first time this year. Grade 6 core subjects - Arabic, English, maths and science - will now be taught in six lessons of 45 minutes each, every week, and integrated social studies will be introduced as a new subject.

"Arabic and English medium teachers in Grade 6 will receive training on the new learning outcomes, teaching approaches and assessment components related to the NSM," said Dr Karima Al Mazroui, Adec's curriculum division manager.

"It's one thing to talk about the NSM, but it's another thing to apply these approaches to classroom practice. We are supporting our teachers to do this."

Teachers are required to complete 36 hours of professional training a year. Adec will also train 165 Grade 12 teachers in supporting students for university entrance examinations.


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