x Abu Dhabi, UAETuesday 16 January 2018

Abu Dhabi teachers get new tools for the job

New books with a greater focus on UAE culture, heritage and national identity, will be introduced in the capital's public schools.

New textbooks in science and English language that focus on the UAE's culture, heritage and national identity are to be introduced in Abu Dhabi's public schools from KG to Grade 5 in the coming academic year.

The move is part of the Abu Dhabi Education Council's (Adec) New School Model project which began in 2010 and is aimed at encouraging critical thinking and bolstering national identity. It also aims to give teachers the best tools possible to engage students.

Last year there were 60,495 pupils attending classes from KG to Grade 5 in the emirate's public schools and 5,075 teachers.

The textbooks will feature guides for teachers and parents and feature a digital component.

"In efforts to help encourage teachers to read and research as much as possible, Adec has provided KG to Grade 5 teachers with more than 50,000 digital components in addition to textbooks that they can access electronically from their school or their homes," said Dr Karima Al Mazroui, Adec's curriculum division manager.

The council has also developed a guidebook for Arabic teachers to use in the coming academic year.

Sweeping changes are being made this year to the Grade 6 curriculum. The core subjects of Arabic, English, mathematics and science will all be taught in six lessons of 45 minutes each, every week.

A new subject, integrated social studies, will also be introduced. The subject will include elements of history, geography, social studies, national education, economics, psychology, sociology and career guidance.

* Wafa Issa