x Abu Dhabi, UAEFriday 19 January 2018

Abu Dhabi schools: Openings and closures

Five schools are opening, six are closing and several schools will be merging.

Five schools are opening: Khalifa City A and Al Aryam schools in the capital, and Al Yahar, Zakher and Al Bayraq schools in Al Ain.

Six schools are closing: Al Jimi, Al Masoodi, Oud Al Tawba and Al Mesk schools in Al Ain, and Hafsah Bin Omar and Al Habab Bin Al Monzer schools in the capital.

Several schools will merge: Al Falahiya School will enrol 224 pupils from the closed Al Habab bin Al Monzer School. Al Monataha School will take about 275 pupils from the closed Hafsah Bin Omar School, while Ibn Khaldoun School in Al Ain will take in 439 children from Oud Al Tawba school.

* The National