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Abu Dhabi Police video highlights school safety

Officers urge parents to use designated areas when dropping off children at school

Victor Besa / The National 
Victor Besa / The National 

Abu Dhabi Police have issued a safety warning to parents about the dangers of dropping off children at school outside designated zones.

In a video posted on social media, officers reminded motorists that “child safety is everyone’s responsibility”.

The footage, part of the force’s ‘Safe and Secure’ campaign, highlights the areas where it is safe to drop off and pick up children from school.

Designated zones are usually marked in clear, bright colours near the school premises.

“Dropping off pupils at undesignated drop off points can endanger their lives,” the police said.

Streets in Abu Dhabi where schools are located tend to have clear signage warning drivers to be on the lookout for children.

Speed bumps, speed restrictions and even red coloured pavements are among other methods used to increase pupil safety.

Motorists who fail to observe the stop signs on school buses when they are collecting or dropping off children can be fined Dh1,000.

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