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A-level results day: Proud parents in Abu Dhabi reveal results to son in UK

Proud parents Noreha and Tim Day had been trying to call their son Andrew, a BSAK student, all morning to tell him of the good news — straight A*s.

Proud parents Noreha and Tim Day had been trying to call their son Andrew all morning to tell him of the good news.

“Straight A*s. He’s off in the UK right now with his brother, I think it’s 6am now so he’s probably sleeping,” said his mum.

They picked up their son’s A-Level marks at the British School Al Khubairat in Abu Dhabi on his behalf. With Andrew having received the marks he needed, his parents were just one final result away from sending their son to the University of Cambridge.

“The Step Exam result is the last step in the process but the system seems to be down and we can’t log in, but it shouldn’t take long,” said Mr Day.

Having received perfect scores in physics, maths and further maths, Andrew was waiting to receive his marks from the Step Exams to determine whether or not he would get into his dream university.

“He was a bit apprehensive about the exams, he knew the A Levels went quite well, but the Step Exam is a higher level and two of them were OK, one of them he was a bit concerned,” said Mr Day.

According to his parents, Andrew’s schedule for the two months prior to the exam consisted of studying, eating and occasionally skateboarding if he needed a break. He gained five kilograms as a result of his mostly sedentary daily schedule.

But when Mr and Mrs Day were able to log in and see the Step Exam results, they were disappointed to find out that their son had fallen just short.

“He’ll go to Bristol to do maths, and they’re both good universities, so it should be good for him,” Mr Day said.