x Abu Dhabi, UAE Thursday 20 July 2017

Dubai Tweeter runs risk of prosecution

Tweets could lead to legal action by those mentioned, experts have warned.

DUBAI // A social network user who has been sending anonymous “name and shame” Tweets about alleged mistreatment of staff at nightclubs could face legal action if identified.

Aside from posting links to clubbing events across the city, the Twitter user behind the account Dubai Nightlife has tweeted accusations of employers keeping staff tips, underpaying salaries and even physical abuse.

The user, who works in the industry and declined to be named, said he felt the need to speak out.

"The nightlife scene in the city is going through big changes and it is the most exciting time to be involved in it.

"But beyond all the excitement, anticipations and the glitz, there are dark sides to it. Especially in a city like Dubai where the majority of staff are flown in to the country without much knowledge; they are easily threatened, manipulated and abused."

It is illegal in the UAE to publicly libel a person or a business. The offence is punishable with two years' imprisonment or a Dh20,000 fine.