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Dubai's top toilet: Anonymous reviewer is rating the emirate's best bathrooms

From the Burj Al Arab to an Emirates flight, Instagram account bathroomsofdubai is giving the 'loo down' with written reviews and pictures of the finest facilities to visit

Some may dismiss it as mere toilet humour, but one Instagram account is gathering a following reviewing Dubai’s best bathrooms.

Bathroomsofdubai, as the account is called, features written reviews and pictures of the sinks and toilets at some of the emirate’s top hotels.

Whether they are panned as a busted flush or praised as a pristine place to visit, it all comes out in the wash room.

Not much is known about the person behind the account, aside from the fact they are a “bored journalist” who appears to be a man, given the heavy emphasis on urinals.

Most of the 21 posts feature pictures of toilets in Dubai, although the owner recently branched out with a review of the men’s toilets at the Museum of Modern Arts in San Francisco, which scored a strong 9/10.

But not all fare as well.

One post about the toilet at the lavish Burj Al Arab, a submission by a member of the public, was marked down for its “opulent, gaudy” looks, and “lack of imagination,” but scored strongly on its colour and plush seating, finishing a middling 5/10.

Looking for something a bit more original? The man behind the account recommends the men’s toilet at Dusty’s in Dubai's DIFC district, a “cool bar with good food,” and “best of all,” he points out, a hand designed toilet.

“All of the magazine and photo clippings were handmade and all hand cut by renowned Palestinian artist Jeffar Khaldi, famous for his political art, who was commissioned to create art throughout the bathrooms here,” says the review. Other strong points include the “awesome retro design” and nice hand towels, scoring the “brilliant, fun bathroom” an impressive 8/10.

But it is not all about design.

Nice centerpiece basin and towel presentation, but flimsy fixtures and low water pressure when used by multiple people at once


Some posts focus on functionality, such as the account’s review of the toilet on the ground floor of the H Hotel Dubai on Sheikh Zayed Road.

“Nice centerpiece basin and towel presentation, but flimsy fixtures and low water pressure when used by multiple people at once. 6.5/10,” reads the review.

But if you are in the market for something really special, bathroomsofdubai suggests you check out the business class toilet on an Emirates A380 plane.

“In terms of bathrooms with spectacular views, I may have peaked. Unless I get to visit the ISS and get a photo looking out at space from the loo, it’ll be hard to top the sight of endless arctic tundra from 39,000 feet, on board an Emirates A380,” writes the review.

“Flying over the North Pole from Dubai to San Francisco was a great, eerie experience, and the views afforded by the toilets were pretty unforgettable too.”

Both spacious, clean and surprisingly comfortable for an airplane toilet, the reviewer compliments the flowers and Bulgari aftershave, as well as the backlit mirror, which “offers a slightly more flattering reflection after 15 hours of flying than you would usually get”.

“Overall, just a quality bathroom (as far as high-altitude toilets go) with an unrivaled view. 9/10,” it says.

The account has 334 followers, but is gaining traction after being noticed on Twitter, with one posting a link to the page with the statement: “Someone is reviewing Dubai’s bathrooms”.

“This is the most random thing ever but I absolutely love it,” tweeted someone in reply.

Updated: February 13, 2019 02:30 PM