Abu Dhabi, UAETuesday 10 December 2019

Dubai policeman charged with sexual assault and threats to kill

Officer accused in court of sex attack on Colombian woman and issuing threats to kill, both of which he denies.

DUBAI // A policeman threatened to kill a woman if she rejected his advances, a court heard on Sunday.

Prosecutors told Dubai Criminal Court the 28-year-old accused, who holds a Comoros Islands passport, was with the woman at a hotel in Al Rashidiya on October 27 last year.

“I received a WhatsApp message from him inviting me to dinner, so I accepted and we went in his car,” said the Colombian woman, 24.

She said they had dinner and drinks but she did not know any of them contained alcohol and, after they left, she felt dizzy and fainted in his car then woke up to find herself on a bed in a hotel room.

“He was standing next to me. I asked him what I was doing there on the bed and not in my house and he said it was OK and that he won’t touch me,” said the woman.

Moments later he jumped into the bed and started kissing and touching her, she said. He then ripped off her dress and threw her back onto the bed when she tried to escape, she said.

“He bit my lips and wanted to rape me, but I told him I had my menstrual cycle. He didn’t believe me and had me prove it to him,” she said.

The woman said she was beaten and threatened with death if she did not do as the Dubai Police officer asked of her, so she pleasured him and then, at his insistence, hugged him as he fell asleep.

“When he fell asleep, I covered myself and ran out of the room, went home then to hospital and, afterwards, to police,” she said.

The officer was arrested the same day and he told them he was surprised to wake up in the morning and find her gone.

“We went to the hotel after she insisted we go and, when I told her I will sleep on the floor, she wanted me next to her on the bed. It all happened because she wanted it,” he said.

In court on Sunday, he denied charges of sexual assault and issuing threats to kill.

“I am a military man and I know right from wrong. I would never do something like this,” he said.

The judge said he would deliver a verdict later on Sunday.


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