Abu Dhabi, UAEWednesday 17 July 2019

Dubai police officer accused of raping wife asks court to clear him

Judge told pair later reconciled and married

A police officer accused of raping a woman who later forgave and married him has asked a judge to let him walk free.

The Emirati policeman, who worked at Dubai International Airport, was charged after the victim, who was his fiancee at the time, said he forced himself on her during a drive in his car.

He was arrested and has since gone on trial at Dubai Criminal Court.

The 28-year-old is alleged to have raped the woman, an airline worker, in March this year.

But his defence lawyer, Eisa bin Hayder, told the court that the couple were married at the time, and denied that it was rape.

“Marriage in Islam is not a contract. In Islam, marriage consists of three elements – proposal, acceptance and declaration, and all three elements had been met,” Mr Hayder claimed.

“My client took his family and proposed to her. She and her father accepted, then it was declared among both families and friends, which makes it a valid marriage. My client is innocent, he did not rape her, he had marital sex."

The police officer and woman met in 2015 at the airport, the two became friends and he later told her he wanted to marry her.

In her testimony, the woman, whose age was not revealed in court, said she had previously been married and divorced.

She said: “I told him everything about me and that I was married before, and he still wanted to marry me. I told my mother about him and she asked that he came to our home to propose officially.”

Prosecutors said that on the day of the alleged crime, he picked her up in his car and they drove around for a time before he parked in a residential area between some villas.

“He jumped on to my seat, removed my clothes and raped me,” her original testimony given after incident read.

“I was screaming. He told me I could ‘scream but no one would hear’ me.”

She said he then drove her back to her car and she drove to a police station to tell police what had happened.

At an earlier hearting the man denied the charge, saying: “She is my wife, how could I rape my wife?”

The woman also said that the couple had reconciled.

“Yes, we got married, but when it happened, I was still his fiancee – not his wife. However, we reconciled and it’s all well now,” she told a judge. A verdict is expected next month.

Updated: September 17, 2017 04:45 PM