x Abu Dhabi, UAESunday 21 January 2018

Dubai Police foil drug smugglers in Thailand, South Africa and beyond

Intelligence from Dubai has helped foil smuggling attempts in South Africa, Thailand and Oman in the past three months.

DUBAI // Police have helped to foil four drug-smuggling attempts around the world by tipping off law agencies in other countries.

In the past four months, drug smugglers carrying more than six kilograms of narcotics were arrested in South Africa, Malaysia, the Ivory Coast and Oman.

In June, a woman from an African country was arrested at Cape Town International Airport with 500 grams of cocaine hidden in her suitcase, after a tip-off from Dubai Police. She was travelling from Sao Paulo to Cape Town via Dubai.

About the same time, Dubai authorities told Malaysian police about a man travelling from Ethiopia to Malaysia through Dubai.

He was arrested in Kuala Lumpur with 1.6kg of crystal methamphetamine capsules in his stomach.

Dubai Police were also able to help Omani authorities arrest a woman who had swallowed 80 capsules of narcotics weighing 1.1kg. Police did not say what drugs they were.

The woman, from an Asian country, stopped in Dubai and Oman on her way from Sao Paulo to Bangkok.

“We passed on information to our brothers in Oman and they were able to catch her,” said Maj Gen Abdul Al Jalil Al Mahdi, head of the Dubai Police anti-narcotics unit.

A man was also arrested in Ivory Coast with 3kg of cocaine hidden in books, blankets and gift boxes.

“We are always keen to enhance international cooperation as it helps curb drug trafficking globally,” said Gen Al Mahdi.