Abu Dhabi, UAEWednesday 22 May 2019

Dubai pet shop workers receive training to improve animal welfare

Course teaches workers safe cleaning and sterilisation methods as well as how to spot diseases

Dubai Municipality has trained pet shop employees in a push to prevent animal mistreatment and increase hygiene at shops

About 80 workers took part in the two-day course that aimed to raise the hygiene level of the pet shops and reduce health risks to the wider community.

Participants were also taught local and international laws regarding animal welfare.

Hashim Al Awadhi, director of veterinary services section at the Municipality, said the sale of pets has increased significantly in recent years and staff must be prepared for the responsibilities that come with that.

“To provide excellent service in this field, the Public Health Services Department has decided to offer this initiative to the workers in these establishments to familiarise and train them in the basic concepts and requirements that must be followed,” he said.

“This will help prevent mistreatment and also provide a high standard of service to members of the public.”

He said participants were taught to identify the symptoms of animal disease, how to prevent such diseases and how to recognise certain behavioural traits in animals.

Mr Al Awadhi said pet shop owners were also taught correct methods of cleaning and sterilisation, which chemicals can be used to clean shops and the technical and health requirements for aquariums.


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