x Abu Dhabi, UAEFriday 28 July 2017

Dubai Municipality targets illegal street vendors

Officials have warned that they are taking tough action against people who sell counterfeit products.

DUBAI // Authorities today warned of spot checks and tough action against unlicensed workers and people who sell counterfeit products.

The Dubai Municipality's warning comes after thousands of fake goods were confiscated and hundreds of beggars, street vendors and car washers were apprehended last month.

"They (Dubai Police) caught total 306 people including 206 street vendors, 60 beggars, 24 car washers and 16 illegal butchers and fish cleaners," said Ibrahim Obeid Marzouqi, head of the markets department at the municipality.

"Civic inspectors conduct daily spot checks in streets and public places to prevent street vending, begging and car washing in public places by individuals." he said.

Officials found nearly 10,000 imitation goods. These included ready-made garments, perfumes, cameras and fake brands of watches.

"Also, some 2,542 DVDs with pirated films, 743 pornographic movies, in addition to 3.5 tonnes of foodstuff items including boxes of fruits and vegetables were seized last month," Mr Marzouqi said.