x Abu Dhabi, UAEWednesday 24 January 2018

Dubai food poisonings down 9%

Complaints of food poisoning dropped by 9 per cent in 2011, the municipality says.

DUBAI // Food poisoning in the emirate is on the decline, according to municipality officials.

The Dubai Central Laboratory tested 297 food samples as part of suspected food poisoning cases in 2011, said Maha Al Hajri, head of the food and environment section, but uncovered no cases of great importance.

"Complaints from the public regarding food poisoning was reduced by 9 per cent last year compared to 2010," she said. "This was thanks to the strict instructions and thorough inspections by Dubai Municipality at eateries and food processing units."

As part of those safety measures, more than 26,000 food samples were tested at the laboratory to confirm whether items met the public health and safety requirements.

Hawa Al Bastaki, head of the lab, said it received 26,072 samples of food for examination last year. "The laboratory is now capable of conducting high-tech chemical and microbiological tests and is internationally recognised," she said.

The total number of tests conducted at the laboratory was 127,808 and staff issued 22,898 chemical and microbiological reports and 645 survey reports.

Ms Al Hajri said the lab's test figures for 2011 showed a 51 per cent decrease in the number of products found not complying with municipality specifications.