x Abu Dhabi, UAESunday 21 January 2018

Dubai creates human rights centre

Dubai will establish a Human Rights Village next year with the hope of spreading awareness on the issues of human and civil rights.

DUBAI // A Human Rights Village will be established in 2010 with the hopes of spreading awareness on the issues of human and civil rights, according to the head of the human trafficking department at Dubai Police. Making the announcement today, which marked World Human Rights Day, Dr Sultan Al Jamal, director of the Dubai Police's Department for Combating Human Trafficking, stated that the new village, which will start development next year, is necessary because there is a distinct lack of awareness surrounding human rights and its meaning. "The only area that needs improvement with human rights in the UAE is awareness," said Dr Al Jamal, speaking at a panel discussion on human rights held at The Shelter in Dubai. "We need to spread awareness amongst our citizens and residents, and only after that can we start addressing other issues." "People here need to take the initiative and be brave and fight for human rights," he continued, adding that people have to be willing to deal with the struggle that is mandatory for the protection of human rights. "Take women, children, labourers, for example. We need to put the spotlight on them." The Human Rights Village, whose location has yet to be decided, will consist of five domes addressing different areas of human rights, and will be available and accessible for everyone. The first dome will focus on human rights from birth all the way to death, the second will focus on health, the third on food and water, the fourth on education, and the fifth will consist of a "challenging room" where real issues are discussed and addressed. Each dome will also have classrooms where trainings will take place with specialists in specific areas of human rights. There will also be an extra dome dedicated to Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum, ruler of Dubai, to honour the work he has done towards promoting and pushing forward the development of human rights in Dubai. nsamaha@thenational.ae