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Dubai consumer probe into 'faulty' PlayStation product finds gamer not good enough

The gamer reported his frustration to the city's Consumer Protection Department

The gamer wasted the consumer department's time with a rather frivolous complaint. Getty Images
The gamer wasted the consumer department's time with a rather frivolous complaint. Getty Images

A Dubai resident complained to authorities about a “faulty” computer game – only to discover he was just not very good at it.

The man made an official complaint to the Consumer Protection Department after he was repeatedly unable to reach the next level in the PlayStation game, believing he had been sold a faulty product.

But after a formal investigation was launched, it was discovered that the product was in good working order, with the gamer’s skills to blame for his lack of progression.

“In the case of the video game, we gathered the necessary information and evidences related to the complaint with due consideration to the complainant’s concern that it could be a fake product,” Ahmad Al Zaabi, head of consumer protection at Dubai's Department of Economic Development, told a local newspaper.

“As our investigation was progressing we received a call from the complainant informing that he was able to move to the next level of the game, and he withdrew the complaint as the issue was not the product but lack of specific skills required to complete the game.”

Authorities said the case showed how seriously they took all complaints, even those most would not deem to be particularly serious.

The Consumer Protection Department works to prevent members of the public being ripped off through investigation and enforcement and to spread awareness among the public about their rights. Consumers can lodge complaints through email, phone or via an app, if they have already raised the issue with a business but failed to resolve the issue.

“We are integrating the latest digital technology into our services in line with the transition of Dubai into a Smart City, and accordingly, deployed Artificial Intelligence in consumer protection in a first-of-its-kind initiative in the region,” Mr Al Zaabi said.

“Consumers can also use our call centre or website to have their complaints resolved in not more than four days.”

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