x Abu Dhabi, UAESaturday 20 January 2018

Dubai consulate addressing community complaints

The Indian Consulate has opened its doors to address the grievances of the emirate's Indian community.

DUBAI // The Indian Consulate opened its doors yesterday to address the grievances of the emirate's Indian community.

Staff received more than a dozen complaints on matters related to passports, labour fines, immigration and consular affairs. One Emirati man also approached the consulate regarding a visa problem on behalf of his Indian wife.

Sanjay Verma, the Indian consul general in Dubai, said that staff were looking into all of the issues raised.

"Among the 15 complaints the consulate received on the open day, only five to six cases were new, while the remaining ones were already being dealt with by the consulate," Mr Verma said.

In April, SM Krishna, the Indian minister of foreign affairs, visited the Emirates and suggested that diplomats dedicate one or two hours every week to listen to the issues of labourers and respond to them quickly.

He also urged welfare officers to pay particular attention to the most "vulnerable" groups of Indian expatriates in Gulf countries.

Mr Verma said that consulate staff have always been accessible and ready to help.

"People can contact us any time," he said, adding that consular staff have not yet decided how often the open day should be held.