x Abu Dhabi, UAESaturday 20 January 2018

Dubai Bypass Road is deadliest in the emirate

Road accident statistics reveal Dubai Bypass Road is the most deadly in the emirate, Dubai Police say.

DUBAI // Nearly 12 per cent of all road deaths in the emirate this year occurred on Dubai Bypass Road, police say.

There were 12 accidents on Dubai Bypass Road in which 13 people died, including a pedestrian, accounting for 11.7 per cent of all road fatalities and making the road the most deadly in the emirate.

Officials said over-speeding on the multi-lane road that runs from Jebel Ali to Sharjah had increased this year, prompting them to intensify patrols there.

"Because the roads are wide and there are six lanes, people think they can speed," said Lieutenant Imran Abdullah from Dubai Traffic Police. "The maximum speed limit is 140kph and some overshoot it and cause accidents."

He said the road was used by heavy vehicles and rash drivers put their lives and the lives of others at risk by speeding. "Generally people face traffic in some areas of Emirates Road, which does not allow them to speed. But Dubai Bypass Road is more free-flowing and they take advantage of that."

Lt Abdullah said 80 per cent of the accidents recorded were caused by speeding.

"Now we have more police vehicles on these roads and they have radar guns that will catch drivers who do not obey road rules."

The new statistics mean Dubai Bypass Road overtakes Emirates Road as the most deadly. Last year, Emirates Road was the scene of 17 accidents resulting in 22 deaths, while four accidents led to the death of eight people on Dubai Bypass Road in 2010. This year, nine accidents and nine deaths were recorded on Emirates Road. In 2009, Emirates Road was the scene of 26 deaths, while Dubai Bypass Road had 17.

Dubai Police say residents who overshoot the speed limit by 60kph will have their vehicles impounded for 30 days and will be fined Dh1,000 and receive 12 black points on their licence.

Lt Abdullah said stricter enforcement of the speed limits had lowered the accident rate in the emirate but added that some roads would still need more monitoring.

"The number is coming down every year and with strict penalties, we will try to reduce the accidents on the bypass road as well."