x Abu Dhabi, UAEThursday 18 January 2018

Drunk Ukrainian sailor causes chaos on flight to Dubai, court hears

A drunk plane passenger en-route to Dubai from Singapore had to be tied to his seat when cabin crew could not control him.

DUBAI // A drunk airplane passenger en-route to Dubai from Singapore had to be tied to his seat when cabin crew could not control him, a court heard on Tuesday.

Ukrainian sailor F J, 28, was charged at Dubai Criminal Court with assault on the Emirates flight, for using force against the crew and with making a mess on board the plane as he kept running up and down and tried to open the pilot’s door.

He is also charged with molesting two flight attendants by touching them inappropriately as they tried to calm him and restrain him in his seat, and with consuming alcohol without a licence.

Police said the sailor confessed that he had been very drunk and had committed the offences, but that he had not meant to cause a fuss.

On-board services manager, D S, 45, testified that the sailor started being a problem about an hour and a half after the plane took off on February 20.

“He then headed to the captain’s cabin two times, trying to open the door,” said D S, who was later informed by the crew of the sailor’s misbehaviour. “They also told me that he tried to light up a cigarette,” he said. “The captain had no other choice but to order that we tie F J to his chair.”

Filipina flight attendant R M, 35, said: “We tried to stop him from drinking but he didn’t listen and he continued drinking then touched my chest as I was helping tie him to his chair, according to the captain’s orders.”

She added that the Ukrainian also assaulted her and her colleagues, when he pushed them away as they were trying to control him.

Romanian flight attendant A P, 22, said his actions spread fear among other passengers and that he violently hit his seat and food tray when cabin crew refused to give him any more alcohol.

“When we were trying to control him, he grabbed me by my neck and tried to kiss me. I pushed him but he then touched my chest,” said A P.

The case continues.