x Abu Dhabi, UAEMonday 22 January 2018

'Drug dealer' arrested after Sharjah police tip-off

Drugs squad claim man had 36,000 illegal tablets in the flat.

SHARJAH // Police have arrested a man who, they claim, was attempting to sell more than 36,000 illegal tablets.

The anti-drugs department at Sharjah Police said they seized 36,500 pills of different varieties from a Pakistani man who they suspect was planning to distribute them in the community.

A spokesman for the department said they were tipped off about the activity of the suspect. They formed a team of officers who intensified efforts to identify and locate him.

Police claim that during the investigation they caught the man red-handed in his flat in Al Majjarah area in Sharjah where he allegedly had the drugs packed and ready for distribution.

He has been referred to public prosecution.




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