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Driver who disfigured a man by stabbing him in the face is jailed

The victim had gone to the defendant's house to take back money from failed job venture

A driver who disfigured a man by stabbing him about the face and body will spend three months in prison.

On June 18, the victim, a Ghanaian whose age was not disclosed in court records, visited the home of the Pakistani defendant in Al Nahda accompanied by a female friend.

“I wanted to ask him to return Dh14,500 which I gave him after he promised to find me a decent job with a security company,” the victim said.

The court heard how the victim was introduced to the defendant by a countryman, who said the driver would be able to find him a well-paid job.

The defendant, 35, asked the victim for money in return, so the Ghanaian paid in instalments.

“It all came up to Dh14,500. Each time he took it he disappeared, and every time I found him he would stall and give empty promises,” the victim said.

When he asked the driver for his money back, the defendant attacked the man, stabbing him with a knife all over his face and body.

“I tried to defend myself and stop him but I couldn’t,” the victim said.

He said his attacker threw the blade down a rubbish chute afterwards.

The victim’s friend, who was waiting in the car, told prosecutors she went to check on him after he took a while to return. She said she found him bleeding on the floor, the defendant on top of him.

“My friend had wounds on his face, hands and arms and was bleeding heavily, and the defendant was holding a sharp thing in his hand. I felt so scared and ran downstairs to find help, but no one was there, so I called police,” said the Ghanaian woman, whose age was not disclosed.

Police arrested the defendant and seized the knife, which they found in the chute.

The Ghanaian man was taken to hospital, and a medical report showed that his face was disfigured beyond repair.

Prosecutors said the defendant admitted to physical assault during police questioning but denied it in court.

He was sentenced to three months in jail followed by deportation.

Updated: November 13, 2017 06:27 PM