x Abu Dhabi, UAESunday 21 January 2018

Disabled Syrian army veteran accused of attempted kidnap of girl

The man, who was injured while serving in the Syrian Army in 2011, appeared in court in a wheelchair.

DUBAI// A disabled man appeared at the criminal court alongside a friend on charges of attempting to kidnap a 12-year-old girl.

Court records show that the defendant, K A, 22, was left disabled after an accident while he was serving in the Syrian military. He was in a wheelchair during his hearing on Sunday, but his exact disability was not mentioned.

Prosecutors say that at 2.30am on October 22 last year, K A and Emirati A A, 29, tried to abduct the Jordanian girl as she was walking to a store to buy ice cream.

Policeman R G, 34 who lives in the same neighbourhood as the girl, was returning home from work when he noticed the defendants’ car slowly driving next to the girl.

“The car suddenly swerved towards the girl and the driver got out then tried to pull the girl by her clothes into the car,” said the witness.

R G got out his car to intervene and the girl ran away.

“A A, who was trying to grab her, started yelling at me, asking who I was and telling me she was not my sister to defend,” said R G.

“So I told him I was police and picked up my phone to call the operations room when he knocked the phone out of my hand and punched me in the face several times,” said R G, adding that A A then rushed to his friend’s car and fled.

RG chased the car and called for backup. When a patrol arrived he showed them the defendants’ car.

“At that moment the girl showed up with her mother in a car and I pointed out the girl to the officers,” added RG.

At court on Sunday, both defendants denied the charges of attempted kidnap.

A A also denied assaulting the policeman.

“I did not assault him, he pushed me and, in an act of self defence, I pushed him back,” he said.

K A also said the mother of the child had not pressed charges against him.

She also gave evidence a the hearing to back up his claims.

“I waived my right and I didn’t even report them to police,” said the 39-year-old manager.

A verdict is expected on April 9.