x Abu Dhabi, UAEWednesday 17 January 2018

Diplomat and daughter-in-law reconcile insult case with a hug in Abu Dhabi courtroom

The diplomat hugged with her son's wife for five minutes in the court of appeal after she decided to drop insult charges against her.

ABU DHABI // A diplomat hugged her daughter-in-law for five minutes in court after she decided to drop insult charges against her.

Emirati A H, had sued her stepson’s wife, H S, from Morocco, for sending her verbal insults by text message. The Court of Misdemeanours fined her Dh2,000.

But at the Appeal Court on Monday, A H dropped all charges, and afterwards A H embraced her daughter-in-law and her three grandchildren and kept telling them: “I love you.”

“I wish all cases were like that,” said the appeals judge.

The case arose from when A H left the country on six-month overseas diplomatic mission.

When she returned she found that her stepson, who she had raised since he was a child, had proposed to the daughter of her Moroccan housemaid.

She blessed their marriage, but decided it was no longer appropriate to employ her mother as a maid. A H said this upset H S, who held a grudge against her.

H S claimed that A H tried to kill her 40-day-old baby by letting it lick a red fruit. In Morocco, some believe this kind of fruit is poisonous to infants. The case was dismissed by the courts.

Soon after, A H scolded H S for posting photos on social media she considered inappropriate. In response, H S sent her three insulting text messages.