x Abu Dhabi, UAEFriday 19 January 2018

Dh755m for water pipe upgrades

Two new Government projects will help Umm Al Quwain overcome the long-standing water shortages that have generated complaints from residents.

UMM AL QUWAIN // Two multi-million dirham projects will help meet the demand for water.

The first project, costing Dh591million, will develop the water network on the east coast, according to Wam, the state news agency.

The second initiative will transfer water from the main network of the Abu Dhabi Water and Electricity Authority to Umm Al Quwain through a 61-kilometre pipeline, which will be able to transfer 20 million gallons per day. The project will cost Dh164m, and will be completed by the end of next year.

Both projects have been commissioned under the directives of Sheikh Khalifa, the President.

Residents of UAQ, which has a population of 60,000, have complained about severe water shortages, with many installing their own water tanks. Water comes from groundwater wells, the utility service, or is brought in by tankers once a week.

The tanks make it easier to deal with water cuts, which residents say occur every three to five days and last up to half-a-day.

Old pipes and leakages make the water supply in UAQ unreliable, and samples taken by The National found that the amount of particles and mineral ions were higher than the limits set by the World Health Organisation.

Last year, the federal Government said it would commit Dh5.87 billion to expand infrastructure in the north.