x Abu Dhabi, UAE Friday 21 July 2017

Decorate your car but don't block driver's view

Cars can be decorated as long as the front windscreen and driver's-side window are not obstructed.

ABU DHABI // Cars can be decorated for National Day celebrations as long as the front windscreen and driver's-side window are not obstructed, police said.

As the nation gears up for parades and celebrations, police said it is legal for motorists to decorate their cars with the UAE flag, photos of the leaders and various symbols of the nation. But if the front glass or the driver's window are coloured, the driver will be fined for exceeding the permitted level of car window tint (30 per cent), said Col Hussein al Harethi, the director of Abu Dhabi traffic police.

The penalty for that offence is a Dh500 fine and 30 days' vehicle confiscation. If only part of the forbidden areas are decorated, it will be considered a "writing phrases or placing stickers on vehicle without permission" offence, resulting in a Dh200 fine, he added.

It is also illegal to cover the front or back number plates an offence which results in a Dh1,000 fine and 24 black points if both plates are missing or not showing, and a Dh200 fine and two black points if one plate is missing or not showing.

"The car [decorating] should not hide the original colour of the vehicle or its characteristics. People should stick to decorating the sides of the car only in a way that does not hide the car's colour or type," Col al Harethi. "We want everyone to enjoy and celebrate this occasion which is dear to our hearts, but without affecting road safety."

Undercover police in unmarked cars will be all over the roads to monitor reckless behaviour, including sitting on the roof, on the front of the car, or in windows. Traffic patrols will be increased at all junctions.