x Abu Dhabi, UAEThursday 18 January 2018

Death sentence for UAE maid who killed baby to spite nanny

Maid who murdered baby to spite a co-worker is sentenced to death.

ABU DHABI // A maid who murdered a baby to spite the child’s nanny has been sentenced to death.

ST, from Indonesia, smashed the 4-month-old girl’s head on a wooden table, causing her skull to fracture and brain to haemorrhage. She then placed the baby back in her crib and left the room as she waited for the nanny to discover the body.

At the Criminal Court she confessed to murder, saying she was driven by her hatred of the nanny, whom she had a rivalry with.

The maid’s defence lawyer Ali Al Abadi claimed the maid was not mentally fit to stand trial, but the court rejected the argument, finding she did not suffer any medical or mental issues.

The child died on April 28 this year.

All death sentences are automatically appealed at both the Appeals Court and Cassation Court before being forwarded to the Ruler for final approval. If the verdict is upheld by all, the maid will face a firing squad.