x Abu Dhabi, UAETuesday 23 January 2018

Cyberlink aims to cut red tape and speed up buying a car

Transactions at licensing department and its branches should take less than five minutes when the electronic system is in place.

ABU DHABI // Banks and car showrooms will be able to share information electronically as part of Abu Dhabi Police’s plan to make it easier for residents to apply for vehicle loans.

“The electronic link with banks will provide data regarding vehicle mortgages when individuals apply for vehicle licensing services that require a mortgage release or a no-objection certificate from the bank,” said Col Suhail Al Khaili, chief of the Vehicles Licensing Section.

“It will also provide electronic sales contracts and applications from car agencies and showrooms, including the necessary data to save citizens and residents time and effort.”

The link should be in place by the end of the year and is part of a wider project already operating with insurance companies, the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company’s inspection centres, the Customs Authority, the Residency and Ports Authority and the Emirates Transport Company’s inspection centres.

“The linking process allows for assessments to determine liability in cases of faulty transactions,” said Col Al Khaili. A vehicle’s information will appear immediately when registration procedures are started allowing customers to deal with their transactions without documents.

A dedicated page has been created for car dealers on the Abu Dhabi Police website to give information about the system.

Transactions at licensing department and its branches should take less than five minutes using the electronic system. However, customers no longer need to visit to complete transactions.

The department plans to increase the number of service centres and maintain communication with residents through bi-annual polls.

“Results of such opinion polls are used to amend problems and address suggestions that improve and develop the services. Customers can also evaluate employees’ performance after they complete their transactions, by using the e-survey feature on the website,” said Col Al Khaili.