x Abu Dhabi, UAESunday 21 January 2018

Yacht builder's appeal over forgery charge in Dh4 mln vessel case upheld

An Appeals Court upholds the acquittal of a yacht-builder accused of forging documents used in a court battle over a Dh4million vessel.

DUBAI // A yacht builder accused of forging documents used in a court battle over a Dh4 million vessel had his acquittal upheld by the Appeals Court yesterday.

B?G, 41, from Iceland, became embroiled in a legal battle with M?J, a 41-year-old Emirati, when he was seeking a local sponsor for his yacht-building company about four years ago.

The Emirati offered to sponsor the company in return for a Dh4m purpose-built yacht. The boatbuilder delivered the yacht but became frustrated when the Emirati did not start sponsorship proceedings. In 2010 the boatbuilder lodged a lawsuit against the

Emirati for keeping the yacht despite reneging on his promise, and the Abu Dhabi court ordered the Emirati to pay B?G Dh4m.

However, following the verdict the yacht-builder was charged with using a forged document during the court battle.

He was acquitted of the forgery charge by the Dubai Criminal Court and the Appeals Court upheld this verdict.

A civil case filed by the Emirati man was also dismissed.