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Worker 'stabs man to death and injures another in fight over resignation'

The defendant told prosecutors the deceased refused to sign his resignation letter so he could return to his home country

A technician stabbed his supervisor to death and assaulted a colleague at their labour accommodation in Dubai, the criminal court heard on Sunday.

On August 6, a worker called police to Jebel Ali Industrial Area 5 where a crowd gathered outside a room on the second floor.

“As we entered, we found the victim lying in a pool of blood. We were then escorted by one of the workers to the room where they kept hold of the accused. His clothes, and hands were bloodied, ” said a Yemeni police officer, 55.

According to the officer, witnesses said the Pakistani defendant, 25, locked himself in the room with the deceased and his colleague — the ages and nationalities of both men were not disclosed in court records.

“The second victim who survived the stab attack, told us that the defendant walked into the room, locked the door, then took out a knife he was hiding under his clothes and stabbed his Indian supervisor to death. He said that when he tried to stop the attack, he was stabbed as well,” the officer said.

The court was told that forensic teams examined the knife used in the attack, which was found on the room floor, and found it had the defendant’s finger prints on it.

Police said the accused did not respond to their questions and referred him to a medical committee for mental assessment.

The medical report showed the defendant was sane of mind and conscious of his actions.

When questioned by prosecutors, the defendant said the deceased threatened to abuse him physically and sexually and refused to sign his resignation letter so he could return to his home country.

Court records did not disclose the extent of the second victim’s wounds but showed the deceased died due to lacerations to his heart, liver and lungs.

On Sunday, the defendant denied both stabbing the victim to death and assaulting the second man.

The next hearing is scheduled for January 14 to appoint a lawyer for the defendant.

Updated: December 24, 2017 05:57 PM