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Worker jailed for killing roommate by throwing him out of a window

The two argued after the worker refused to bring his roommate a glass of water

A worker who killed his roommate by throwing him out of a window will spend 10 years in prison.

On November 11 last year, the Indian labourer, 30, allegedly became angry after his roommate spoke ill of his mother and sisters and the worker refused to bring his roommate a glass of water.

According to court records, the worker grabbed his roommate from behind and dragged him towards the window before lifting him up and throwing him out of the window of the plumbing company’s accommodation in Dubai Investments Park.

The man suffered a brain haemorrhage, sustained multiple fractures and other injuries which led to his death.

Police received a report of a man falling to his death and suspected foul play.

Investigations revealed that both the defendant and the deceased had been drinking with two other friends earlier in the evening but were then left alone.

The worker was arrested and admitted to killing the man, saying they argued after he refused to bring his roommate a glass of water.

“The defendant told us during questioning that the deceased said he would have sex with his mother and sisters, this made the labourer furious so he killed his roommate,” said a police officer.

The worker told officers that the deceased made the foul statements then punched and slapped him in the face and continued hitting him on the head while screaming obscenities at him until the labourer seized him in a fit of anger.

After throwing him out, he looked out of the window to see if he had died then went to sleep, he told police.

“I wanted to get rid of him,” the labourer said.

The worker did not attend his first hearing to enter a plea but, at Dubai Criminal Court on Sunday, was convicted of a premeditated murder and sentenced to ten years in jail to be followed by deportation.

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