x Abu Dhabi, UAESaturday 20 January 2018

Worker faked Emirati citizenship, prosecutors say

He forged documents to get job, then stole money from company, a court hears.


DUBAI // A representative at a pharmaceutical company admitted to forging his passport to get the job, a Dubai court heard this morning.

The suspect FL, 38, from Jordan, also denied stealing Dh16,000 from his employer before the Dubai Criminal Court of First Instance. FL told the court that he returned the money.

According to court records, FL took a copy of an Emirati passport of a woman identified in records as MA, then, using a scanner, he replaced the woman’s picture with his own and changed the name.

Records show he submitted that passport copy to the company when he applied for a job in 2009 as the company’s representative at public departments, claiming he was an Emirati.

The company, PP, reported that in June 2009, after he was appointed, he was given Dh16,000 to deliver to Dubai Municipality for prepaid parking fees, records show. But FL kept the money to himself, it is alleged.

Prosecutors said that when FL did not provide his employer with receipts from the municipality, his superior became suspicious and questioned him until he confessed to spending the money, records show.

KA, an Emirati representative at PP, told prosecutors the suspect’s job description included handling payments of behalf of the company, his testimony in court records show.

FL told the court that he gave the company a cheque to cover the amount he took for himself.

Prosecutors charged him with forgery of official documents, using forged official documents and embezzlement.

A verdict is expected on March 8.