x Abu Dhabi, UAESunday 21 January 2018

Women charged over road rage fight

Honking escalated to physical altercation, prosecutors say.

DUBAI // Two women are facing assault charges after fighting at a traffic light, a court was told.

The Dubai Naturalisation and Residency Department employee SM, 24, and an Egyptian marketing manager, NM, 28, are also charged with insulting each other. They have not yet appeared in the Court of Misdemeanours because the person responsible for summoning them failed to do so, according to records.

Prosecutors said that about 1.30pm on March 11, a Lexus started honking its horn at a blue KIA stopped at a traffic light in Al Qouz because it had not reacted quickly to a green light.

SM said that after the KIA driver did not respond, she stepped out of her car and knocked on the other car's window.

SM said NM then opened the door violently, hurting her right hand, and insulted her. She added that NM tried to follow her to assault her again, but her sister and pedestrians interfered and stopped her.

ME, 21, a witness who was with SM, testified that she did not hear the conversation between the two women.

"The driver followed us to my uncle's house and started daring us to engage in a fight with her, but we neglected her," ME said.

NM denied SM's account and said that while stopped at the traffic light with her mother and small daughter, the girl spilled a cup of hot chocolate on herself. As she was checking her, she said, she heard a horn blaring, then knocking at her window.

"'Are you  blind?' SM said to me," NM told prosecutors.

She added that SM slapped her on her right cheek when she asked her to speak politely.

The next hearing will be on November 22.