x Abu Dhabi, UAETuesday 25 July 2017

Woman who beat cousin sentenced to three months

Attack came after overstaying visa, misspending loaned funds and lying to police, prosecutors say.

DUBAI // A woman who borrowed money, tried to frame her creditor for an immigration crime and later assaulted her cousin with a rock will spend three months in prison on assault charges, the Dubai Court of Misdemeanours ruled.

The 26-year-old JK, from India, was also fined Dh2,000 for overstaying her visit visa.

JK entered the country in October 2009 after EJ, a man from her town who works in Dubai, helped her obtain her visa and assisted her in finding work.

EJ testified that he helped find her accommodation and tried to find her a decent job. But after having no luck in two months, he told her to return to India, records show.

JK refused and remained in the country illegally. She was arrested and tried to frame him by telling investigators that he had sent her cousin to assault her because she refused to work in prostitution as he wanted.

She then borrowed money from another friend, claiming she wanted to use it to pay for her return trip to India. Instead, however, purchased gold items with the entire amount.

Her 28-year-old cousin NM, who works as a cleaner, heard she was in Dubai and went to talk to her about rumours she was working as a prostitute.

But when he began talking, she picked up a rock from the ground and hit him on the head. He picked up the same rock and hit her repeatedly on the head and arm, sending her to the hospital for two days.

She was arrested at the hospital. NM also was arrested and confessed to hitting her repeatedly. He was sentenced to a month in prison and fined Dh2,000.