x Abu Dhabi, UAEWednesday 17 January 2018

Woman who assaulted police says she was distraught

Prosecutors say family dispute spilled over into assault on officer.

DUBAI // A woman who was fighting with her mother in their flat assaulted a police captain and sergeant who were called to the scene, a Dubai court heard this week.

The daughter, NM, a 27-year-old American, faces charges of physical assault on public employees and insulting them.

She confessed before the Dubai Court of Misdemeanours and said she was in a bad emotional condition when she committed the acts.

Capt HA and Sergeant MN from Al Qusais police station were called to a domestic fight at Al Bustan Hotel Apartments on November 13.

According to NM's testimony, ever since the death of her father 10 years ago, she and her mother had not been getting along well.

NM told prosecutors that her mother treated her as thought she were a stranger and did not allow her to interfere in her brother's life or change anything in the family flat.

She further said her mother had been trying to separate her and her brother, and on the day of the incident had sent insulting text messages to her from her brother's mobile phone.

NM testified that on the day of the assault, her mother, AS, entered the room and walked past her, slightly pushing her aside twice.

She said her mother started screaming at her.

They fought and she pushed her mother to the ground.

"It wasn't a strong push, but she exaggerated in her reaction to make me look bad in front of my brother," NM said in records.

The hotel's night manager, MR, was informed of the fight and called police about 2.30am.

The officers said that when they arrived at the apartment and were listening to NM, she hit HA in the chest and MN on his arms and legs.

NM also said she spat on both men.

AS told police that her daughter attacked her with a knife, records show. AS is not charged with doing so.

The court will reconvene on March 30 to issue its verdict.