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Woman stabbed lover in heart while drunk

Woman who killed her lover while drunk is sentenced to seven years in prison.

DUBAI // A woman who killed her lover by stabbing him in the heart was today sentenced to seven years in prison.

The 26-year-old Kazakh AF, who suffers a behavioural disorder, was drunk when she killed her lover YS, whose age was not mentioned when the woman appeared at the Dubai Criminal Court of First Instance yesterday.

Prosecutors said a fight erupted between the two on November 7, 2010, when they were drinking alcohol at AF's home in Jumeirah. Signs of a struggle were found on the dead man's hands, neck and face. Scratches were found on AF's neck.

When first investigated, AF claimed that her lover committed suicide and that a cat had caused the marks to her neck.

Police found what appeared to be a suicide note, but forensics experts ruled that YS had not stabbed himself.

A Dubai police captain questioned AF, who sub-letted a room in the same villa as YS. "She told me that YS came to visit her while she was cooking to solve some problems", said the captain. AF told the captain that her lover had been drinking alcohol and that when the argument became heated, he grabbed a knife and stabbed himself.

"She wasn't normal," said the police captain, explaining that during the interview, she would leave him and go to the room to look at the dead body. He noted that she was crying and could not keep still.

AF later changed her story and said she had been defending herself against an attempt by YS to strangle her.

"We had many problems during our relationship and that affected me and my behaviour a lot," she said.

A report said AF suffered behavioural disorders that stemmed from being raped when she was younger and from being abused by her mother.

However the examination found that she was used to consuming alcohol and that being drunk had not made her lose control over her actions.

AF confessed when she appeared in court in May last year.

She will be deported following the completion of her prison term.