x Abu Dhabi, UAETuesday 25 July 2017

Woman sold cousin for Dh100,000, court hears

Suspects deny charges of prostitution after prosecutors accuse one of trying to sell the other to a potential suitor.


ABU DHABI // A woman told her cousin she would find her a husband, but instead tried to sell her into prostitution for Dh100,000, a court heard yesterday.

Both women appeared before the Abu Dhabi Criminal Court of First Instance facing prostitution charges. An Uzbek woman, D?Z, was charged with human trafficking and not reporting prostitution, while her cousin Z?J, a Tajik, was charged with prostitution and staying in the country illegally.

D?Z was arrested on September 28 after attempting to sell Z?J to an undercover policeman, prosecutors said. D?Z allegedly told her cousin she would marry her off to an Emirati man in exchange for Dh100,000. The money would be used to prepare for the wedding, and any left over would be sent to Z?J’s family.

Two days before the arrest, the two women met the undercover police officer, posing as the potential groom, at a hotel in Abu Dhabi city. The officer told D?Z he wanted to marry Z?J.

D?Z, according to her lawyer, Abdulraouf Abdulqader, told the officer she would consult with Z?J’s family. She also told him the cousin had financial issues and he offered to pay Dh100,000, the lawyer said. D?Z denied trying to sell Z?J, saying the money was her cousin’s dowry.

Mr Abdulqader said the evidence against his client was scant and based on incorrect procedures. He said the arrest clearance obtained from the Public Prosecution was for someone other than D?Z and was also missing other vital details.

The lawyer also said D?Z should be acquitted from the human-trafficking charge because there was no evidence she forced Z?J into prostitution or lured her to the UAE.

A verdict is expected on January 25.