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Woman slams husband's hands in car door after he beat her, Dubai court hears

The couple both stand accused at Dubai Criminal Court

A woman has been accused of slamming her husband's hand in a car door causing him a permanent disability, while her husband has also been accused of beating her.

The Emirati couple had moved into separate homes following marital difficulties. On September 12 last year, the 27-year-old wife, accompanied by her sister and father, went to the husband’s family house in Hatta. According to court records, she said she wanted to see her children, who her husband had taken to live with him when the two separated.

A witness told prosecutors that the sisters and their father arrived at night to see the woman's children. They were seated in the majlis, where the husband sat with them. Minutes later, the husband was called away from the majlis by his mother. During this time, its claimed that the wife took her children and snuck out of the house.

“I saw him running outside and his mother followed him, so I followed them too,” said the 35-year-old witness, whose relationship to the couple was not disclosed in records.

She said that the wife, her sister, father and the children got inside a car and she was trying to drive away and her husband tried to stop her.

“He went to the driver’s side where she was, but she opened and shut the car’s door repeatedly on his hands,” said the woman.

It was not clear how the 36-year-old husband assaulted his wife. He was charged with beating her, while she was charged with assaulting him and causing a 7 per cent permanent disability after the husband lost mobility in some of his fingers.

In court on Sunday morning, lawyer Saeed Al Ghilani, who is representing the wife, said the husband’s injuries were inflicted prior to the incident and requested the court contact the American Hospital for confirmation.

The next hearing will be on June 24.

Updated: May 28, 2018 09:08 AM